Friday, May 18, 2007

Not Vegan Cupcakes in Town!!

I had to try these popular cupcakes in town. I know they are not vegan, but I needed to try them and taste them, I have a huge curiosity : )

This one is from Coco Local on Ave. du Parc. I read about it in a free paper. It is a cute little place run by a cute lady.
There were a few different flavors of cupcakes and also some larger cakes of ring shape, they all had some kind of cute flower decorations. With tax I paid $3.45 or so for a chocolate cupcake. A bit too pricey for a cupcake I thought. Am I being too cheep?

The cupcake was good, really light and the texture was very fragile! It was like eating air. It melted on my tongue. It had a very nice icing, not too sweet or sugary. I'm not too sure if I will go back there again or ever have a crave for it in the future, but it is a very good cupcake. I understand how some people can be crazy about this.

This one is from a rather new store, Petits Gateaux on Mont-Royal. This one is vanilla, $3.14 with tax.

The interior is very cute and spacious. There are tables so you can sit and eat your cupcake with coffee. They had about 7 flavors on the day of my visit, they were all orthodox flavors, like lemon, carrot, chocolate, etc., nothing unusual or mysterious. It was rather easier for me to pick one. I usually take way too long time making decisions over sweets, and my boyfriend would know about it too well. The cake texture is rather dense or heavy side, very well (or over) baked, but good. I find it very fulfilling. It really reminded me of home-made sponge cakes, especially which my mother used to make at home when I was very small. The icing looked overwhelming but it was actually good, not too greasy.
Again, it was good and I probably recommend my friends to try at least once, but not too sure if I go back again. There is a Premiere Moison across the street, and I might be just tempted to get a cheesecake for the same price...

Another one to mention is the Fusia. I don't have any photo of it. It is a tiny restaurant on Duluth, closer to St-Laurent. Their products all contain some kind of flower. It is not a cupcake specialty place. I happened to pass by and picked up the last cupcake on the counter. I was expecting that there were more sweets to choose from but that day, there weren't many sweets left at all, in fact all there were were the cupcake and a few rose cookies. Anyway, the cupcake was gluten-free chocolate lavender! The lady handed me the cake with whipping cream and a piece of strawberry on top. It was $3. It had a very nice light texture and the lavender flavor was very special! It was very good. The rose cookie was very nice too. Is it good enough to make me go back? Yes, definitely! and I will take photos next time.