Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vegan Earl Grey Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting

It is freezing here in my apartment! so I decided to bake, to heat up.

This one was a disaster.
It didn't rise well and turned out very dense.
The only thing I could think of what went wrong was that it might be the temperature of tea. I made 1/4 cup tea (3 tsp of earl grey). It might not have been cooled down enough when added to the oil & sugar mixture, resulting melting the sugar? Not sure. But I wonder if the sugar helps keeping some air, which is the case when using creaming-butter method.
Anyway, to think of this now, I might also have just mismeasured liquid as well. I used two kinds of measuring cups. The batter felt too thick when the flour was combined, I had a bad feeling then. It is not sweet at all. This recipe needs more sugar to be added. To compensate the lack of sweetness, I put a bit more frosting. Some melted chocolate and brandy were added to the basic frosting recipe. This turned out to be fine.