Sunday, April 29, 2007

observation so far

So far, I am quite amazed how well these vegan cupcakes come out.

I baked so much since I was small, baked so many un-vegan cakes.
I also baked vegan cakes for my vegan boyfriend in the last three years. I used egg replacer wondering if it was really worth using, even though one box of $5 was equivalent to 500 eggs or so (what a deal?!). These vegan cupcakes don't even use any special product from a health food store, or use bananas, but come out beautifully. This is also practical when missing some eggs in fridge. There is no complication of how much to beat eggs or butter, which requires some experience.

I am not a vegan, but these cupcake making is fun, easy, fast, and most importantly, failure-free. I do not think the recipe is good if you decide to bake as one whole cake though, but who cares. I have to stop at a dollarama quite often to get the cake papers (150 muffin papers for $1 is a steal) but anyway, cupcakes are cute and handy to eat.