Saturday, April 28, 2007

Vegan Vanilla Cupcake

Ok, so this is my second try.
The recipe is from here, this is for 22 cupcakes but I only have a 12 muffins pan so I reduced the recipe roughly in half, came up with 10 cakes.

This was a success, very fluffy and moist!
This is a good recipe and I highly recommend to anybody who wants to bake vegan cupcakes.
I used an electric mixer to mix the oil and the milk, for about 3 minutes, even though it did not look like making much difference as it was so watery it was making a lot of splashing. But it seems like an important process. I used rice milk instead of soy milk which did not curdle with vinegar. After the dry ingredients were combined, I used again the electric mixer to quickly mix everything together. The batter should not be tough or dry, the consistency should be like tomato ketchup or apple sauce or something like that.